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What can we do for you?

Get set up, get out there, and bring the noise.

Artist Development

We are not a traditional label. We focus on artist development with new bands, unsigned bands, and bands who want to progress to the next level.

From the experiences we've had, and through the contacts and connections we've made, not only can we facilitate just about every service an artist requires, we also help you to ensure you get the best use out of them. How we go about doing that entirely depeneds on you and what you need.

There's no restrictions on who we work with - the majority of our experience is with rock and metal, but everyone's invited.

Flexible partnerships

We foster flexible partnerships, with a big or small amount of direct involvement; as you desire. We can do as much or as little as you require, and we can be as deeply involved or as silent a partner as you need.

The underlying aim is always to constantly develop the network and extend the reach of you the artist. This can be achieved via some well-laid foundations mixed with your original ideas and sound.

We'll work together on what you want to achieve, not along some prescribed route or to a generic plan. We will work hard for you; and we look forward to working hard together.

All the Tools

We offer a subscription service that provides you with all the tools you need to develop as an artist. This can include:

  • a personalised website with hosting,
  • your own www... domain name,
  • branding, logo and artwork,
  • social media integration and cohesion,
  • search engine optimisation (SEO),
  • setting up photo shoots,
  • coordinating merchandising,
  • CDs for release and distribution,
  • music videos and EPKs,
  • international releases,
  • streaming and syncing opportunities,
  • and much more.

From personalised branding, a distinctive website, through online streaming outlets for your tracks, to artwork, videos, releases and more.

The Tools You Need

We work with you to develop the tools you need to effectively promote your music in our non-stop digital world.

We know how hard it is trying to make it work as a band, we've done it ourselves. Get personal advice, support and encouragement.

The Support You Need

As well as ongoing support for said tools, together we will develop your band and progress as an artist.

Benefit from our experience and leapfrog common hiccups, to get you out there faster, sooner and bigger than before!

The Results You Want

Working together, we'll map out a plan for where you want to go - and get you there. Your success is our success.

Our Current Bands

These are a few of the artists we are currently working with.

Get your band here too - become our next artist!

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Get to know
Our Team

Who are we exactly?

Learn a little bit more about us.

Geoff White

Geoff has played in bands for over half his life, starting in and around the Midlands in his teens, and currently works in Box Office and CRM Systems. He's worked for the biggest theatre company in the world and the National Theatre, working with both international and local clients.

Above all, he is a drummer, which means being into the backbeat and backbone of what's going on. Understanding the rhythm of what's happening behind the scenes and driving things forward without taking centre stage.

Geoff has pretty wide ranging music tastes but his preference is for guitar based music, with big riffs and rhythms, hooks and melodies. He's passionate about music. If it's good he'll like it, and if he likes it he'll fight for it.

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Geoff White

Mal Woolliams

Mal has a varied background in both business and music. He owns an IT company, based in central London working with many diverse clients, and is also involved in an international business development consultancy firm.

Having always had a love of music, he really discovered playing with others and playing live in his late teens. He's been in multiple bands since, of varying styles and genres, and his current band has an international publishing deal with three singles releases due out this year.

Pretty addicted to guitars, pedals, amps and more or less all music tech, he's easily tempted and distracted by any shiny new bit of gear.

Mal has a motley music collection and is open to all genres of music and types of artists. He loves discovering new music of any kind, from both the present and the past. Having grown up with Bob Dylan, The Beach Boys, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Cream, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath and the like, he's most into Rock, Blues, Metal, Stoner, Post Hardcore etc. But anything goes!

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Mal Woolliams

Your Music

How to submit your music?

We listen to every single submission we receive.

Why Send To Us

It's true, we really do listen to all the music that we receive! We don't complicate things by asking you to sign up or subscribe to anything - simply send us what you want us to hear.

You can do this in a number of ways, whatever suits you. Don't forget to include contact details.

  • Email your tracks as files or as download links to info@jumpstartrecords.co.uk. We prefer MP3s due to transfer and storage considerations, but if you prefer another format please feel free to send that.

  • Send us links to streaming versions of your tracks - either via email to info@jumpstartrecords.co.uk or via Twitter @jumpstartrecsuk. These can be audio versions or videos, eg YouTube, SoundCloud, BandCamp, etc.

  • Mail a CD to us, old skool, at:
    Jumpstart Records, Widegate Studio, 23 Widegate Street, London E1 7HX, United Kingdom. Please remember to include details on who you are and how we can get back in touch with you.

What Happens Next

We'll listen to your tracks, and if we like what we hear we'll be in touch. Please make sure you provide us with the right contact details so that we can do so.

The next steps involve assessing where you are at the moment. For example, we can research your online presence and see what we find out about you without your input at first.

From there we can discuss together where you would like help, and we can make suggestions too.

We ensure that your online presence (eg social media, website, artwork, logo, etc) is cohesive and reflects you. In order to be noticed an artist has to exist as a brand, and the message behind that brand has to be consistent. This is the foundation on which any successful campaign must be built.

We'll work out with you what you need and what level of involvement you desire; creating a plan of action tailored to your needs. And we can then make progress together.

Commited to You

Having said that, we all know that things change ~ and we will retain the flexibility to adjust our mutual plans, if needed, based on the progress made.

We work with artists who we think have potential; if we reach out to you it's because we believe you have what it takes to succeed and that we can help you achieve that success.

If we work with you, then we're already commited to you ~ because your success is our success. Our opportunities will grow together.


We never pass on your personal details to any other party, without your permission. Full stop. No exceptions.

Music or any other intellectual property sent to us will be treated with the utmost care and respect, and we will not redistribute or broadcast without your consent.

The Best
Live Shows

What makes a great night?

We organise and promote rock and metal nights in London.

Actual Promotion

Don't faint but we actually do promotion for nights we put on. Real promotion, like promoters should. The word is self explanatory really!

For example, we typically create flyers and posters for the gig, as well as a Facebook event supported by paid advertising. We also liaise with the venue to ensure they include it in their listings and do promotion from their end too.

Our philosophy is to curate a night that we'd want to play; with suitable crossover between bands, with each band getting a decent amount of stage time, and packing out a smaller venue rather than only partially filling a larger one.

Come and Play

To start the ball rolling, send us a taste of your music and some background info. This can take the form of SoundCloud links and YouTube videos — both effective ways of demoing your live performances. You can also send to us as per the Submit section above.

We'll listen to your tracks and/or watch your vids, and if you're a fit for one of our nights we'll be in touch. Please make sure you provide us with the right contact details so that we can do so.

If your availability doesn't immediately fit in, don't worry we'll keep you in mind and will make contact about future gigs.

Venues include: The Underworld, The Black Heart, The Intrepid Fox, Aces & Eights, Nambucca, The Constitution and more.


"We just want to thank you for the great time we had last Friday. The gig went smoothly and was extremely well organised – sound was great. We very much enjoyed the fact that there was a compere/comedian on hand in the form of Paul D McG! It was an absolute pleasure to play with From The Ashes and The Toilers, and we’d do the night again in a heartbeat. 10/10 would recommend, and well played for putting on such a great event!"

Nukebox — facebook.com/nukeboxmusic

"[You] produce a raucous evening of fun. Full of dirty riffs, whiskey soaked rhymes and old fashioned rock and roll. Good ol drinking music! Was a pleasure playing with you guys...and would love to do it again."

The Toilers — cargocollective.com/thetoilers

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